More Than Just Muffins – Learning to be Teachable


More Than Just Muffins…

As I was happily working in my kitchen and enjoying the morning, I decided to ask my 13-year-old son if he would mind leading the effort in making blueberry muffins with his four- year-old sister.  He gladly said “Sure!” and pulled out the ingredients to get started. 

As the muffin making progressed, I was amazed at how quickly this simple request turned into a character training session.  

  • The egg shells get tossed across the kitchen into the sink and I open my eyes wide (for effect) as he glances at me, “Sweetie, that is really not OK!  You need to walk over there and toss it in.  Be clean about your work.”
  • The batter gets messy and he sighs with impatience at his sister’s attempt to fill the muffin cups, “Honey, watch your patience in this and pull the bowl closer for Mia so she won’t spill.  Remember that she is little still.”
  • The effort to open the blueberries can is only a half-effort.  “Remember you have to open it completely or it will cut you or your sister.”

As I shook my head at the constant training that mothering requires of me, I had to pause and smile to myself.  Is this how God feels?  

As I cleaned up our muffin making effort, I considered how much I am like my son.  God has to patiently teach me (and re-teach me) things every single day!  As I stumble through my relationships and grapple with the truths of His Word, he patiently waits for me to “get” His good lessons. 

Do I struggle, as my son did, to be teachable and patient?  Do I sometimes give God a half-hearted effort?  I must confess, I do! 

So here is the good news…

Does God give up on me?  Will He withhold His goodness from me because I don’t get it right every time?  Never, no never.  I am His child and He is my loving Father and the ultimate Teacher.  He will persevere until I understand the goodness of His higher and better ways.  

So moms, as you train your children, consider how God is trying to guide you, too.   Are you helping God with the process by being teachable, just as you desire that your children are teachable?  Are you quick to yield to His leading and the truths of His word?  

Just as I know how to make simple blueberry muffins well, God knows how to “do life” well. 

As you try to live your life in a way that honors God and you find yourself stumbling or wrestling with your desire to obey Him, remember God’s character.  He is a patient and loving God who only wants your best.  Trust His good training and yield to His higher and better ways!    

Julie McGrath

Isaiah 55:9

 As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways
 and my thoughts than your thoughts.



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