25 Random Things about me

25 Random things about me…

1.The forgiveness and freedom I have found in having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation and meaning of my life.  I am eternally grateful for His Truth, His Spirit and His Kindness.  He is Faithful and True.

Okay, so that said… on to the lesser things…

2. I was born in Ft. Lauderdale and spent the first six years of my life barefoot and brown as a berry (as my dad calls it) running around a neighborhood full of kids playing outside! Fun! You might have found me in a Miami dolphins bikini singing their fight song at the top of my lungs…picture pot belly and white cotton hair on my head.

3. I love clocks…cuckoo clocks, Grandfather clocks, old clocks that tick…I can still hear my grandpa winding the cuckoo clocks each morning.

4. I love music boxes of all types, but especially big ones (my dad has a beautiful one)

5. I looooove big band music and anything old-timey.

6. I often think I was born in the wrong era…I belong more in the 1880’s to the 1950’s. But I know God made me for this time…

7. I absolutely love my garden and dream about it starting about now til the threat of frost is gone. Then it’s like Christmas for me at Lowe’s – all those baby plants ready to grow! Woo hoo! I have a lot to learn about gardening.

8. I love to go on dates each week with my husband and cuddle in a booth. I seriously think it has kept us from counseling.

9. I prefer the simple stuff of life – picnics, blowing bubbles, holding hands…

10. I love to eat, salty over sugary.

11. I love long hot showers and usually take a quick one at night too…sorry fish!

12. I don’t like public bathrooms and when I’m pregnant with that bionic nose, I am almost phobic!

13. I can’t stand the smell of those tar trucks . I feel so sorry for those guys! 😦

14. I love cooking and am very happy in my kitchen, especially when surrounded by kids doing crafts while I cook. Heavenly!

15.  I have six kids and didn’t plan on having a big family…though I love it.

16. I am thankful my parents took us many places around the world growing up. I often think about those travels.

17. I’m named after my great grandmother Julia and my grandmother Julia. My middle name is Alice after my other grandmother. I really like my name because of that!

18. I like to collect heart shaped rocks while we are hiking. ( I have four really good ones!)

19. I absolutely love the Sound of Music and dreamed about being Gretel when I was a little girl.

20. I love wood burning fires and make one nearly every morning and every night of winter.

21. I take naps still.

22. I love watching sports, but…

23. I love a good tea party with lots of pink, good girl talk and strappy sandals.

24. I danced at Disney when I was 16. I was the Two of Spades.

25. I worked at the White House when I was 19 for President Reagan.

26. My life really started when I met my husband John when I was 20. 🙂


One thought on “25 Random Things about me

  1. Your great grandmothers name was also Alice. I called her granny. Loved reading those twenty things. I would also add you have always loved to sing! Since you popped out of the womb with that cute unusually placed dimple and those dark chocolate brown eyes! I could probably think of 19 more. Will have to do that sometime. Love mom

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