Teaching Devotion for your kids – Yikes! It’s Dark Out there… Let Your Light Shine!

images-11Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Yikes! It’s Dark out there…So Let Your Light Shine!

People are afraid of lots of things. Some people are afraid of heights, some people are afraid of spiders or snakes. Are you afraid of anything? I mean really afraid??

Well, I am afraid of something – THE DARK.

One time we went to a museum that had a DARKNESS tunnel challenge – a short maze you were invited to crawl through to experience what it would be like to live in COMPLETE darkness. That’s really neat, I thought. That looks like fun!

So one by one, I watched my kids scramble ahead of me for a chance to crawl through the dark maze in the tunnel. They entered on their hands and knees, lifting up a black sheet and then closing the sheet behind them. I was assured that this tunnel was completely carpeted, not very long (although it did have some turns along the way), and that they would flash lights inside if I got in trouble.

NO PROBLEM, I thought. I love museums with things to try! I lifted the sheet and crawled on in, letting the sheet close behind me. Once inside it was BLACK, BLACK, BLACK – completely dark. I felt around…carpet. Carpet beneath me, carpet to my sides and carpet above me. I slowly started to crawl. YIKES! This was strange. I felt around some more, more carpet, nothing to touch in front of me. I widened my EYES to help me out…no help. YIKES! This was SCARY. YIKES! I’m done!!

I turned around and got out of there fast!! NO MORE DARK TUNNELS FOR ME!!

I never really realized until I was in that scary, COMPLETELY DARK tunnel, how precious LIGHT is, what a GIFT it is to be able to enjoy the security of knowing how to SEE. Just one little candle, just one tiny flashlight would have made all the difference!

Did you know that our love for Jesus can be like LIGHT to a DARK world? Jesus said that when we do good things for Him, our WORK (if we do it because we LOVE Him and want to show the world we are His children) is like PRECIOUS LIGHT to a DARK world!!

His LOVE shining through us is like LIGHT to someone sitting (or crawling!) in the dark, all alone. We can be that one little candle, that one little flashlight to someone who finds themselves there, in the dark. How desperately this dark world needs that little bit of light!

If we SHINE like that, the best part is this: When we carry God’s love in our hearts, and do our works because of that great love, we draw attention to the GIVER of all LIGHT – GOD Himself. He is the GIVER of the LOVE and SERVICE we have to offer others and HE is the reason we serve! When we do our good deeds in the name of His Son, our LIGHT is truly beautiful because it brings praise to the One who deserves it.

What a beautiful thing to be able to shine the love of Jesus into the lives of others. May we all live today, looking for ways to let our light SHINE before men so that they may find (and praise!) the GIVER of light and every good thing, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

– Julie McGrath

Going Deeper:

1. Try this DARK tunnel experiment at home. Find a place with NO light with your Mom or Dad. What do you feel in there? Now bring in a little flashlight and see what a difference a little light makes!!

2. Brainstorm and plan something TODAY that will intentionally show God’s love to a hurting and dark world!


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