Waiting for Daisies

Thinking about how faithful God is and thinking of each of my unique kids tonight…just thought I would share one of my favorite posts. I hope it encourages you tonight.

Ponder Truth

ImageWaiting for Daisies

I absolutely love my garden.  Every year I look forward to dreaming about it, planting it and finally, watching it grow.  I learn a bit more each year and am proud to call myself a “wanna be” gardener.   Every spring feels like Christmas to me as I roam through the gardening department, taking in all the flowers and vegetables, considering what to plant.

One year I spotted some lovely looking daisies and smiled to myself, thinking about how much my mom loves them.  I almost picked up a plant or two, but then I saw…the fateful moment…just beyond that, were some daisy seeds.  There was a picture of a pretty daisy on the front and I thought to myself, “I’m getting pretty good at gardening.  I think I’ll just plant my own daisies!  How hard can it be anyway?” (Ha!)

When planting time…

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