Has anyone seen my Christmas Joy?


Has anyone seen my Christmas Joy?
I fear mine’s gone without a trace.

I haven’t really seen it since Black Friday
when I lost that prime parking space.

I might have left it at the mall
while shopping late at night.

It could be in that 12th box of decorations
or under some tangled lights.

I looked for it in my holiday latte
that promised to fill me with cheer.

I looked for it in that picture perfect catalog
that comes this time every year.

I’m not sure of the exact date I misplaced it,
You see, I lost it quite by surprise.

I never intended to be so careless.
I guess Christmas Joy thieves come in disguise.

They’re dressed in Activity and Endless Doing
It all looks so inviting and unassuming.

What harm could it do, all this that makes me run?
This December craze surely won’t leave me too undone!

BUT WAIT my friend, before you take the bait,
Please STOP the crazy Christmas train, before it is too late.

With so much calling out to me, I need to stop and think.
This hullabaloo and list of “Things To Do” can push me to the brink!

Is THIS what it was meant to be, the arrival of God on earth?
Is THIS what we were meant for, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth?

Sweet Christmas Joy – the Treasure of Treasures!
Its infinite value is beyond human measure.

Oh, what have I done?  What have I lost?
Is this busy-ness worth it?  At what great cost?

Oh, how can I find this Joy that is missing?  I need God’s help indeed.
On my own, I’m a fool once again.  Please help me God…it’s YOU I need!

Help me to find True Christmas Joy and recover Sacred Truths,
like angels visiting a quiet field to herald the Good News!

Help me to consider Mary, who loved you from the start,
and pondered what was WORTHY and treasured YOU in her heart.

Help me to understand and learn, the fullness of Who You Are.
To be wise like those men of old, who followed your heavenly star.

Yes, I YEARN TO FIND this Christmas Joy.  I’ve felt its sweet presence before.
It’s full of LOVE and BEAUTY, like its Maker to the core.

GOD, please help me to retrace my steps, to find where I saw it last.


I do think I hear faint echoes, sweet echoes of JOY from Christmases past!


I remember it at the nursing home, as I held an old man’s hand,
Sharing songs and a candy cane – only the heart can understand.

I remember it on my child’s face as I read and held her close,
cherishing words about Christ’s birth, sharing things that matter most.

I remember it in the shy smiles of gratitude from a family in need.
As we gave, OUR HEARTS were blessed and we were freed from greed.

I remember it alone with YOU, as I sat and read your Word,
A few minutes of quiet just with you, leave my heart so sure and stirred.

Yes, now its all coming back to me; I remember now the pure simplicity.

YOU ALONE bring Christmas Joy and YOU ALONE can give it,
If only we’ll listen and tune in, you’ll show us the way to live it.

Yes, YOU are the Source of Christmas Joy and it’s to You alone I belong.
Forgive me God, for my distracted heart.  You were right here all along!

Please God, now that I’ve found it, keep my heart right here.
Keep my spirit abiding in You… then bring on the Christmas cheer!

Yes, let’s jump right in with gladness, let’s drink it up to the fill,
But may we always remember:  Our Strength is found when we are still…

Cherishing our Savior and Seeking His good pleasure,
Loving and sharing CHRIST OUR JOY, our True Christmas Treasure!